iQue 3200

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Garmin iQue 3200


The iQue 3200® joins the award-winning iQue 3600 as the only Palm Powered™ personal digital assistants (PDAs) that offer fully integrated Global Positioning System (GPS) technology. These products combine the portability of a PDA and the utility of an automotive navigation system in a sleek, lightweight design.

The iQue 3200 is designed for business users who want an affordable device that can manage their personal information and deliver personal navigation in a single unit. Beyond organization and navigation, the iQue 3200 boasts a bright display, long battery life, and Secure Digital Input/Output (SDIO) capabilities for added functionality—at an attractive price.

Learn more about Que technology and the Integration, Organization, Navigation and Mapping that define the Garmin iQue 3200 below.

iQue 3200 features Powerful 200 MHz processor powering Palm OS® 5.2.1
Integrated Que technology, with Garmin® GPS and mapping software
Flip-up integrated GPS patch antenna can be positioned for optimal reception
Internal speaker for voice-guidance commands
Rechargeable internal Lithium-ion battery (charges in cradle or while connected to adapter)
Built-in 32 MB of memory for downloading map data and other Palm OS-compatible software
ARM 9 processor enhances screen redraw, graphics, and audio
SD expansion slot for flexible memory storage and additional software
Unit size: 2.8" W x 5.0" H x 0.8" D (72 x 128 x 20.3 mm)
Display: 3"-inch diagonal [2.12" x 2.12" (53.8 x 53.8 mm)], 320 x 320-pixel, high-resolution, color with dedicated Graffiti™ area
Applications: Astraware Game Pack*, powerOne Personal Calculator, Documents to Go by DataViz*, DataViz Mail*, Palm Reader, StarCaddy*, Vindigo*, and WorldMate*
* Denotes limited or trial form.

Note: System requirements include a Windows-compatible computer.

Availability: Usually ships the same business day

Retail Price: $535.7 U.S.D. (for domestic US market only)

Our Price: $399.99

Sale price: $

What is Que Technology

The differentiating feature of an iQue™ is its integrated GPS capabilities. Garmin's innovative Que technology delivers location awareness, electronic mapping, automatic route calculation, turn-by-turn voice guidance, and map data interface to the iQue.

Que technology enables users to see where they are, find a street address, know where the next turn is via visual and voice guidance, get back on track when they’ve strayed off course, and navigate efficiently to their desired destination.

One of the key benefits of technology integration on the iQue is its patent-pending contact-locator feature. Enabled by Garmin's Que™ technology, this feature connects the Palm Address Book and Date Book to the GPS electronic map to give the user the ability to navigate directly to a specific address within the user’s contact database.

An appointment reminder appears on your Calendar.
The Date Book shows a "flag" by this appointment, signifying that map data for this appointment location is available.
Click the flag to view where the appointment is located.

Powerful Organization

An iQue is built around the Palm OS 5 platform and offers standard Palm applications, such as Address Book, Calculator, Date Book, Memo Pad, and To Do List. And there’s enough processing power to search large databases of stored information and to enhance display graphics with easy-to-read fonts and crisp electronic maps.

There's also a voice recorder (3600 only) for making memos, quick notes, and messages. With 32 MB of built-in memory and an expansion slot, you can even store your favorite MP3s (3600 only).

Reliable Navigation

An iQue provides the proven quality and reliability of Garmin® navigation. It has automatic route calculation, turn-by-turn voice guidance, trip computer, and map data interface. The iQue's unique, flip-up GPS antenna automatically initiates GPS navigation and begins acquiring satellite signals when it is extended. The antenna folds discreetly in the back of the unit when the user is not navigating

Detailed Mapping

Users can choose a configurable basemap of North America, South America, Europe, or regions in the Pacific Rim, with generalized information on highways, major city streets, highway exit services, railways, rivers, lakes, and state, provincial, and national borders. The iQue also has the added benefit of detailed street information on the included MapSource® CD-ROM, giving users the capability of looking up restaurant addresses, hotels, local attractions, transportation hubs, emergency services, and much more. Once a desired point of interest is chosen, you have the capability to view more info or even show it on the map screen.

The mapping capability of the iQue makes it a versatile companion for the international frequent flyer who travels, for instance, between New York and London or San Francisco and Hong Kong.

"The iQue 3200 comes through for these "soccer dads'"

I am amazed at the capabilities of this little gem. A friend and I made a trip out of town to a soccer tournament this past weekend. Coach had given us the wrong field for the first game. There were four possibilities and we hit all of them. Of course, we found the right field last. If it hadn't been for his Garmin, we would have missed the first game entirely. We plugged in the locations and simply had the unit take us there. It even helped find the emergency room when his son was injured in one of the games. So it made our weekend. We made it home safely, not without the help of our faithful Garmin.

Great product...very cool...yet extremely practical.

Elk River, MN

iQue 3200 Specifications
Internal system Operating system: Palm OS® 5.2.1

Embedded capabilities: GPS, SDIO, infrared communication, and vibrating alarm

Audio hardware: Speaker

Processor: 200 MHz Motorola DragonBall MXL ARM 9

Internal memory: 32 MB DRAM

Expandable memory: SD/SDIO/MMC

Standard applications Garmin® "Que" apps: GPS Clock, Address Lookup, Electronic Mapping, Track log, Trip Computer Automatic Route Generation, and Turn-by-Turn Voice Guidance

Palm OS 5 apps: Address Book, Calculator, Date Book, Memo Pad, and To Do List

Other 3rd-party apps: Astraware Game Pack*, Documents To Go by DataViz*, powerOne Personal Calculator, StarCaddy*, Vindigo*, WorldMate*, DataViz Mail*, Palm Reader, and Chapura® Pocket Mirror

Moving map features Basemap: Built-in routable basemap contains state and country boundaries, lakes, rivers, streams, airports, cities, towns, coastlines, state and interstate highways, local thoroughfares, and secondary roads within metro areas

CD-ROM: Accepts downloadable map detail from Garmin PC-based MapSource® City Select® CD-ROM which provides street-level detail, addresses, listings of nearest restaurants, hotels, ATMs, and more

Navigation features Routes: Automatically calculated with turn-by-turn instructions

Using built-in basemap, routes include interstates, highways, and major thoroughfares
With detailed data from MapSource CD-ROM, routes include residential street-level detail
Number of Routes: 50, with up to 50 points per route

Tracks: 32, with 500 points per saved track and a maximum of 5,000 active track points

Trip computer: Resettable odometer, timers, and average and maximum speeds

GPS performance Receiver: WAAS-enabled, 12 parallel channel GPS receiver continuously tracks and uses up to 12 satellites to compute and update your position

Acquisition times:

Warm: Approximately 15 seconds
Cold: Approximately 45 seconds
Autolocate®: Approximately 5 minutes
Update rate: 1/second, continuous

GPS accuracy:

Position: < 15 meters, 95% typical**
Velocity: 0.05 meter/sec steady state
DGPS (WAAS) accuracy:

Position: < 3 meters, 95% typical**
Velocity: 0.05 meter/sec steady state
Interfaces: USB, Infrared, RS232

Antenna: Flip-up, adjustable GPS antenna

Power Source: Lithium-ion battery

Battery Life: Approximately 2 weeks standby time or approximately 16 days if used an average of 30 minutes per day with backlight off. Battery life will vary depending upon backlight level, temperature, and individual use patterns.

Physical Size: 2.8"W x 5"H x .8"D (72.1 x 127 x 20.3 mm)

Weight: 5.2 ounces (161.7 g)


3-inch diagonal [2.12" x 2.12" (53.8 x 53.8 mm)
320 x 320 pixels, 16-bit color display and white LED backlight
Temperature Range: 32°F to 122°F (-0°C to 50°C)

System requirements To install and operate the Palm Desktop and Map Install software on your computer, the computer system must meet the following requirements:

Pentium Processor
Microsoft® Windows® 98/2000/ME/XP
8 MB RAM minimum (64 MB recommended, required for Windows 2000/XP)
Palm Desktop requires 50 MB available hard disk space
Map Install requires an additional 800 MB to 2 GB available hard disk space
VGA monitor or better (the iQue Quick Tour requires a 256-color video display; Map Install requires a minimum 800 x 600 resolution screen)
CD-ROM drive
Mouse or other pointing device
One available serial or USB port
In addition, the following equipment is optional:

Windows-compatible printer

Specifications are preliminary and subject to change without notice.

*Denotes limited or trial-form third-party applications.

** Subject to accuracy degradation to100m 2DRMS under the U.S. Department of Defense Selective Availability Program.

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