Navman iCN 510

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Navman iCN 510

Navman has a new member to their GPS family, the Navman iCN 510. This slim design is the perfect pocket-sized handheld GPS navigation system. This portable GPS has a 3.5 inch touch color screen QVGA screen with a resolution of 320x240 which allows users to clearly see their position at all times. It is incased in a magnesium case which is temperature resistant for durability. The Navman iCN 510 contains a high precision GPS antenna that delivers consistent pinpoint accuracy.



The versatile iCN510 navigation system will navigate its user for your exploration of the big city on foot or in your car.  Navman's  touchscreen or 5 way button pad makes this unit easy to use. Transferable from car to pocket in seconds, the Navman iCN510 can easily guide drivers to their desired destination with clear turn-by-turn voice instructions and 3D-map view.  The iCN510 incorporates Version 3.0 of Navman's award winning SmartST™ software, which includes new features such as My POI™ (Points of Interest) customable points of interest with approach notification settings, multiple destinations for planning trips with several stops along the way, and a "nearest POI" search facility.

The iCN510 still includes all the great features of previous iCN generations, such as back-on-track™ technology, 3D-Map view, 5-digit postcode search, turn-by-turn voice instructions and avoid areas function. Now the new Version 3.0 software enhances the iCN510 even further with a host of new navigation features for an even safer, stress free journey.


Power -
Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery


Memory - 32MB of flash memory and a SD/MMC expansion slot for adding another gig of map data if needed.


Navman's SmartST Software - The Smart ST V3 software comes on 4 CD-ROMs , which include detailed maps for loading to the iCN 510. When loaded into the iCN 510, these detailed maps allow you to locate and route yourself to an addresses or point of interest within the 48 contiguous states plus Hawaii, Alaska, Guam, Puerto Rico and Canada.  It is capable of address-to-address routing, zip code searching, town-to-town routing function, route summaries, enhanced zoom, multiple views, automatic and manual zoom for showing increased map detail, day and night screen modes, points-of-interest library, voice or visual driving instructions and 3-D map display for increased visuals.

Detailed Trip Planner: allows users to plan and optimize detailed trips with up to 12 destinations; users can easily change the order of planned stops while en route.

U.S. Base Map: complete U.S. base map provides details for all major interstates and highways, as well as select primary roads. Users can now load select cities along their route and still easily navigate to their destination.

Points of Interest (POI) Import: enables users to customize individual POIs, or create their own POI databases; the user can also download other specialized POI databases from third-party websites.

Improved Map Topography: street maps now contain a topographic polygon display for colorful elevation relief.

Nearest POI: helps users determine the nearest gas stations, shops, movie theatres, camping sites, hotels, historical sites, etc., from the iCN 510’s pre-installed database containing tens-of-thousands of POIs.

Active My POI™: allows users to set alarms alerting them to the proximity of a specified custom POI.

2D mini-map: new mini-maps enhance the text-only instruction view on the turn-by-turn navigation screen.

Latest 2004 Map Data: the iCN 510 includes the latest TeleAtlas road network data release for the most up-to-date navigation experience. Address information is also displayed while driving as locations are passed.

Improved Routing Options: provides users with an unprecedented level of routing control such as specialized options like routing via ferries, and a sliding percentage preference scale for options like quickest/shortest routes, preference for freeways and urban roads.


  • iCN 510 with Integrated Flip-up GPS Receiver

  • SmartST™ V3 Navigation Software with North American Maps Covering the USA (48 contiguous states plus Hawaii, Alaska, and Canada 

  • AC Main Power Pack and Plugs

  • USB Cable

  • 12V Vehicle Power Adapter

  • Protective Carry Case

  • Suction Mounting Bracket

  • Quick Start Card and Guide




This unit is no longer available and is being replaced by the iCN520 due in Dec 05.


Retail Price: $749.99 U.S.D. (for domestic US market only)

Our Price: $429.99

Sale price: $




Because OpenSky GPS only stocks some of the bigger selling GPS systems, you may not see a GPS system that fits your specific need. If you are looking for any particular GPS that we do not have listed, please drop us an email with what GPS system  or type of GPS systems you are interested in. We will take special request and be happy to find  those GPS systems that you are looking for.  If you are looking for a car GPS  for your company vehicle and will be purchasing more than three systems, please request a bulk discount by sending an email to our customer service department with "bulk GPS systems" in he subject line. 

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