Rino Position Reporting


Position Reporting

The Rino's exclusive position reporting feature allows you to send and receive GPS positions from other Rino® users so you can keep track of your friends on skiing or camping trips, sporting events, and other outdoor adventures.

Rinos transmit a user's position through the FRS spectrum. The seven voice-only GMRS channels are dedicated to vocal communication only. Position information can be transmitted to any other Rino user within a two-mile range.

The image to the right shows an example of four people keeping track of each other's positions using a Rino 110.

How it works

Position reporting can be activated using either the "call" or "talk" keys. When the "call" key is released, it activates the Position Reporting function, sending your current GPS location to other Rinos.

When the call is received by another Rino, the New Contact page is displayed showing the ID, direction, and distance of the sender. The sender's position is also displayed on the receiving unit's map page. Locations are updated every second, and you can transmit your location to others once every 10 seconds.

This could be a life-saving feature in an outdoor emergency —or it could be used simply for rounding up the family at an amusement park or outdoor

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